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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Watermelon Summer Nails.

Summer. Everyone loves it. Sadly I'ts coming to a end. So in effort to grasp the last of the luscious sun rays and salty beaches I decided to give your nails, That little OOMPH they are looking for. I'm a Tennessee girl and one of the biggest Summer treats is biting into a nice juicy slice of fresh watermelon. I mean come on, who eats watermelon in the summer. Haha.

I used these colors:
Pink: Strawberry Sorbet by Essie
Lightest Green: Mermaid by Nina Ultra Pro
Middle Green: Ivy League by Sally Hansen
Darkest Green: Big Money Frost by N.Y.C
Black: What's A Tire Jack? - Matte by Sephora
Black Sparkles: Night Lights by Sally Hansen

You will also need: Brush, Base Coat, & Top Coat.

What To Do:
1. Apply a Base coat.
2. Paint 3/4ths of the nail pink and round it off.
3. With the middle shade of green paint the tip of the nail.
4. Add coats of the Middle green and the pink until the polish becomes Opaque.
5. With the lightest shade of green, Make stripes on the middle green at the tip of the nail.
6. Now fill in between each Light sripe with the dark green.
7. With the Nail brush, create little seed shaped dots on the pink part of the nail with black.
8. Add a white stripe between the pink and green nail areas.
9. Add Black sparkles on each seed you just created in the pink.
10. Top Coat! :)
11. And now your done!

Hope you guys enjoy these beautiful nails! :) Remember you can even take the above instructions and add your own special flair or variation to it.

Blog ya tomorrow,
-Kayla <3

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