Thursday, July 26, 2012


So, I was on Youtube last night, And came across this girl using a no heat method to curl her hair. If your like me, and have no time to curl your hair, or have naturally straight hair that will not hold a curl to save your life, I really suggest you try it! I did what I was suppose to last night and was absolutely in love with the results. Its called the Sock Bun Method.

What You Need:
Small spray bottle of water
Brush or Comb
A hair tie (or 2)
A sock with the tip (where the toes would be) cut off

What you do:
1. First, take the sock and roll it up into a donut shape.

2. Pull your hair into a high high ponytail. Secure with hair tie.
3. Spray the ponytail itself with water from the spray bottle til its slightly damp. (Dampness level varies with everyone's hair.)
4. Now take the sock and the very tip of your ponytail and hold it high above your head.
5. Thread your ponytail through the hole of the "donut".
6. Now seperate your hair around the donut and roll downward with your hair.
7. When its done it should resemble a ballerina bun.

8. Sleep in it.
9. Take it out in the morning. And Viola! Beautiful perfect curls or wave :)

Now I understand its hard to get a visual from what I said, so I decided to give ya'll a link to the video that helped me :) Hope you like!!

Blog ya tomorrow,
-Kayla <3

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